Health Insurance – Protection for your Family

Life is by far the most precious thing humans have in their hands, as someone has truly said-“Health is Wealth”. One can lose out on their money, on a job, or on any other materialistic or non-materialistic thing, but losing out on health is probably the worst, as this could seldom be gained back. And therefore, no amount of persuasion could ever justify the importance of a health insurance policy. A health insurance covers you and your loved ones from any of the unforeseen emergencies that life may throw at you. This includes contracting a disease unexpectedly or falling ill at an unexpected time, or even meeting with an accident while totally unprepared.

While getting an insurance just for your self is one thing, but wouldn’t you want to extend the same benefit for those near ones, whom you love dearly? By introducing family health insurance plans at a marginally higher cost, health insurance companies such as Aviva Insurance, Bharti AXA Insurance, Max Life Insurance, etc. have earned themselves brownie points. Few of the features of these health insurance plans are as follows.

Reimbursements on day care treatments – In cases of day care, when a hospitalization is not required, but the patient still has to undergo a treatment for some time at the hospital, it is still possible to claim for health insurance cover.
Domiciliary Hospitalization – This refers to the treatments carried out at home, when a patient is unable to recover, and the treatment needs to be carried out for a period of over 3 days. This applies alike towards illnesses, injuries, and diseases.
Critical illnesses – There are a number of critical diseases that one may contract, in case of which health insurance cover can be availed:

 Cancer

 First Heart Attack

 Coronary Artery Disease

 Coronary Artery bypass surgery

 Heart Valve Surgery

 Surgery to Aorta

 Stroke

 Kidney Failure

 Aplastic Anemia

 End Stage Lung Disease

 End Stage Liver Failure

 Coma

 Major Burns

 Major Organ/Bone Marrow Transplantation

 Multiple Sclerosis

 Fulminant Hepatitis

 Motor Neurone Disease

 Primary Pulmonary Hypertension

 Terminal Illness

 Bacterial Meningitis

One needs to note that if they contract any of these diseases in less than the first two years of getting a health insurance, then there may be some complications in getting the cover. For all cases exceeding the initial period of two years, these are included without any conditions.